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India being a vivid kaleidoscope has become a favoured tourist destination across the globe, not just for its myriad cultural heritage and mystical arts but also for Dental/Medical tourism. In most of the developed countries the exuberant cost of dental treatment has made India a popular destination for tourists seeking quality treatment at an affordable cost.

Why City Dental Centre?

City Dental Centre is one of the leading practices in India with International patient care service. With a vision to maintain the quality standards and service, we provide our patients the world class dental experience.

Awarded as the Best Dental Experts by Brand Achievers 2014 and National Dental Excellence Award 2014 and 2015 respectively, City Dental Centre proudly boasts a "Seen never before" kind of Environment in a Dental Clinic.

Medical & Dental Tourism India

If you are living in Europe or America any kind of medical treatment for you is frightfully expensive at home. So, India is the place to go and get the treatment done for you and after that you can enjoy a lovely sightseeing holiday through exotic India. This concept is called a medical vacation offered by several medical tour operators in India. Find out all that you want to know about medical tourism in India.

At City Dental Centre you can get all your dental treatments done at a very affordable price. You could not have afforded any specialized dental treatment in your country, but in India with us it is possible and that too with a bonus - within the same budget you can combine a trip in India.

With us you can get any type of dental treatment that you want, no matter how complicated it is.

We have patients from across the world.

City Dental Centre is a preferred dental destination for foreign clients seeking high end dental treatment in India. We have treated expatriates from different fraternities, foreign visitors and NRI residing in India.

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